goth house

Maxis Makeovers, the Goths

I've not posted anything in a while, that's not hair related so here's some Uberhood !PicSpam :D
I've decorated this house three times now, exactley the same from memory. The first time I was happy, and then I moved the Goth's out of the house so I could put it in the lot bin. So of course, I lost all the furniture. The second time I redecorated, I redecorated it all and then my game froze and was being all stupid so I lost it all again...So third time lucky I guess? And I've lost the tomb stones so now they have an empty grave yard! One minute they were there, next they weren't! So, no ghosts for now! Oh and, new picture size! Is it good or bad? I'm guessing it's bad for people who can't load pictures very quick D: But then there's more detail which equals more pretty!
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Newsea Bluebird

I really do think I have a problem with retexturing hair, I just love it so much now I've gotten the hang of it! D:
I've been uploading this and reuploading this to for ages and the files keeps breaking! Sigh, I turnt to Mediafire I didn't really want to since all of the adverts but it uploaded fine on the first try. :) I have had problems in the past with though. Anyway on to downloads!

Credit & Info
Binned, Compressed , Naturals only, Elder linked to black, Base texture included
Simgaroop - colours
NeenaNeedles - textures

Download Newsea Bluebird
 *Please Go Here and Download the Hair File Fix*

To Secret Maker

My first demanding love secret! :) I've officially had two secrets about me, well one of them was less about me and more about noses but they used one of my pictures. But anyway, secret maker I suppose I should say thanks? But it does take time and work to make them and I don't exactley make loads of content to share, so I dunno what you're expecting! Oh and my computer is dead AGAIN |: It's not as bad as last time, my computer didn't get a virus or anything but the power button is broke and I need to order a piece or something to get it fixed. Why do my computers always seem to die on me? \: Anyway, I'm posting this from my mum's laptop and I probably won't be posting much until my computer gets sorted. Blah. My dad found a way to turn it on! It just involves wires sticking out of the computer, it's probably not so healthy for my computer but I'll be ordering the piece sometime soon so it'll do :)

Newsea Cynthia

This was a request by ashleynicole over at GOS, and since I had free time which I was supposed to be revising in of course I made the hair. Oh and I think I was subliminally inspired by Black Swan for the preview pic. Or not I dunno!

Credit & Info
Binned, Compressed , Naturals only, No elder Elder linked to black, Base texture included
Simgaroop - colours
NeenaNeedles - textures
Stakeit-uk - alpha

 *Please Go Here and Download the Hair File Fix*