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[I'm Talking Like a City Boy] - a Sentate Dress Edit

Hi! I know I've not really posted in a while, but I'm back! :D For the last few weeks I haven't really been enjoying the Sims but I do now sortof I think. Anyway I've got some goodies for you :). The first is a dress and the second is a hair for you. Anyway on to downloads...
(Oh by the way, I'm probably going to do a shoe swap with this dress with flats or something so it can be casual too, sooooo look forward to that, hopefully.)
Going bed now, night.
I'll put the base texture of the dress up tomorrow in case anybody wants it.

More Pictures

I had way to much fun taking these so I'm gunna link them instead of giving you loads of pictures
+ + + + + + + + + + + + +

*Dress With Flats Picture Yay*
(ignore the fact that the backdrop has eaten the shoes a bit)


Binned, Compressed , Naturals and Neons, Base texture included
Neon Swatch
Simgaroop - colours
Pooklet - colours
NeenaNeedles - textures
Noora- alpha

Maxi dress with platforms/heels, 12 Recolours, Everyday + Formal, Compressed, Fat morph (no preggo, what pregnant woman would want to walk around in those shoes?),
*Also with the version with flats there is a tiny bit of clipping with the bottom of the dress and bit of the legs under the dress*
Sentate - original dress/shoes/texture
Colourlovers - patterns
CuriousB - colours
(nebule recolour=google images)

Normal stuff, no stealing, claiming as your own, editing without credit, putting on paysites
blah blah

Heel Base
Flat Base

Dress with Heels

Dress with Flats
*Please Go Here And Download the Hair File Fix*

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