This isn't anything important just saying that you probably won't see me round too much at the moment. I just started college and have already got a shit tonne of home/coursework and I'm already procastinating a lot. But it's not my fault that college makes me exhausted! Most days I have to get up at 6 so I can get there by 8 30 and then I usually finish at 4, and I just want to sleep ;-; Anyway I'm going to go procastinate some more and watch Doctor Who ((((((:


I'm trying to choose new neon hair colours and look at all the colours!! I don't know how to pick D: I JUST WANT THEM ALL :(



I've done the version with flats too. Yay, anyway night night I'm off to bed
goth house


Just tried fixing the mesh but in Bodyshop explodes. Always a good sign. Anyway if I don't do anything tomorrow I'll have another try because I can't be bothered to do it all over again at the moment D:
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[I'm Talking Like a City Boy] - a Sentate Dress Edit

Hi! I know I've not really posted in a while, but I'm back! :D For the last few weeks I haven't really been enjoying the Sims but I do now sortof I think. Anyway I've got some goodies for you :). The first is a dress and the second is a hair for you. Anyway on to downloads...
(Oh by the way, I'm probably going to do a shoe swap with this dress with flats or something so it can be casual too, sooooo look forward to that, hopefully.)
Going bed now, night.
I'll put the base texture of the dress up tomorrow in case anybody wants it.
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Sims 3

Yay I've been playing Sims 3 and enjoying it! :D This is *insert name here from memory* who I've used as a tester sim, even though I know how to play the game :S But anyway so far she lives in the city and is famous for going out with A-listers and her guitar skill. I was thinking of uploading her since she's so cute and I love her nose :) Anyway I have my maths exam today, and me being incredibly stupid I got up at 6:30AM and got to school for 9AM when my exam isn't until 1 30. How did I manage that? :S